Basic HTML Tags

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is a layout specification script that is used for creating web pages. Let us recall a few tags that we have learnt to use int the previous class.

<html>tagEvery HTML document begins with an <HTML>tag and ends with an </HTML>tag.
<body>tag<Body> and </Body> tags enclose the main contents of a web page in an HTML document.
<p>tagThis tag is used to create a paragraph on the web page.
<br>tagThis tag is used to create a line break on a web page so that text can be displayed from the next line.
<hr>tagThis tag is used to create a horizontal line of a specified width on a web page.
<font>tagThis tag is used to change the font properties of the text.
<a>This tag, known as the ANCHOR tag, is used to create hyperlinks on a web page.
Basic HTML Tags

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