BASIS-Technical Preparation Activities in Business Downtime

Lock All Relevant Users Relevant users must be locked to avoid accidental logging on to the system and the triggering of processes directly after the import. Procedure Check for Cancelled or Pending Updates To avoid inconsistencies, all updates should be processed correctly before starting the migration. If there are erroneous update records, check if the … Read more

Unlock SAP System During Upgrade by SUM

How to Unlock SAP System During Upgrade by SUM

In this blog you will know about that how to Lock and Unlock SAP System During Upgrade by SUM. here are two methods to do this. Method 1 Method 2 Unlock System during Upgrade/usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/exesidadm> tp unlocksys SID pf=/usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/var/DEFAULT.TPPsidadm> tp unlock_eu SID pf=/usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/var/DEFAULT.TPP Lock System after Unlocksidadm> tp lock_eu SID pf=/usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/var/DEFAULT.TPPsidadm> tp locksys SID pf=/usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/var/DEFAULT.TPP