How to grant the roles to Sybase logins

Method 1: sp_role stored procedure is used to grant the roles to sybase logins login with system administrator and check the below command sp_displaylogin  <login_name> Displays information about a login accountsp_displaylogin sapsa the above figure shows login doesn’t have any roles Assigning role sa_role to login name sapsa by using below commandsp_role “grant”, sa_role, sapsa to … Read more

How to create login in Sybase

Create login user in Sybase Server Creating a login in Sybase is a simple process that involves using the “sp_addlogin” stored procedure. This procedure allows you to create a set of credentials that will be used to connect to the Sybase server and perform various tasks. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step … Read more

How to Start Sybase database and Backup server?

Starting Database Server and Backup Server with the help of command startserver -f RUN_ and startserver -f RUN__BS Linux environments: – Step 1. login as root with sudo -i authorizationStep 2. login su – syb<sid> Example: – hostname> su – syb<sid>                     syb<sid>@hostname:  Step 3: – cd /sybase/<SID>/sybase_ase/install/                 startserver -f  RUN_<SID> … Read more