Creating a New Web Page

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is a layout specification script that is used for creating web pages. Let us recall a few tags that we have learnt to use int the previous class.

<html>tagEvery HTML document begins with an <HTML>tag and ends with an </HTML>tag.
<body>tag<Body> and </Body> tags enclose the main contents of a web page in an HTML document.
<p>tagThis tag is used to create a paragraph on the web page.
<br>tagThis tag is used to create a line break on a web page so that text can be displayed from the next line.
<hr>tagThis tag is used to create a horizontal line of a specified width on a web page.
<font>tagThis tag is used to change the font properties of the text.
<a>This tag, known as the ANCHOR tag, is used to create hyperlinks on a web page.
Basic HTML Tags

Let us Create a new web page that will serve as the Home Page of our website that we will create through the article.

  1. Open a new blank Notepad file and type in it the HTML code as shown below.
  2. Save the file by the name ‘incredible India.html’. View the HTML document file in the web browser by right clicking on the HTML file, pointing to Open with option and then choosing any web browser from the list.
<title>India - A Unique Travel Destination</title></head>
<body bgcolor="pink", text="blue">
<p align="center"><heading1><font size=24 color="maroon">Tourist Pleaces
in India <hr width=60% size=4 color="maroon"></p>
<font face="verdana" color="navy" size=2><b><p>
India is a country of huge diversities and a home to all kinds of
attractions. Ancient temples, historical monuments, world class
architectures (the most famous example of which is the Taj Mahal at
agra), most exquisite kind of wildlife, extremely varied landscape,
and equally varied ethnic and lingual diversity; India displays it all.</P>
<p>Following is a list of some of the unique travel destinations
in india:</p></b>
<p>Heritage Sites and Monuments in India</p>
<p>Hill Station in india</p>
<p>Wild life of India</p>
<p>Pilgrimage Sites in India</p></font>
Creating a New Web Page
File Incredible India.html as viewed in the web browser.

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