How to Find Installed Plugins in SAP HANA

This blog post will guide you through the steps on how to find installed plugins in SAP HANA. This can be useful for troubleshooting problems with plugins or for simply understanding which plugins are installed on your system.

Find installed plugins in SAP HANA using Hana Studio with this guide. Log into Hana Studio, navigate to the “Systems” view, expand the SAP HANA system and select “Plug-ins.” The installed plugins will be listed in the “Installed Plug-ins” section, displaying the name, version, and status. If you need additional information about a specific plugin, double-click on it to access its details. Use this method to easily manage and view the plugins installed in your SAP HANA system.

To find the installed plugins in SAP HANA, you can follow these steps:

Using the SAP HANA Studio

  1. Login to the SAP HANA Studio
  2. Go to the “Systems” view.
  3. Select the system you want to check for installed plugins.
  4. Go to the “Overview” tab as shown in below image
  5. click on the installed plug-ins to see the Plug-ins
How to Find Installed Plugins in SAP HANA
How to Find Installed Plugins in SAP HANA

These steps will allow you to find the installed plugins in SAP HANA and view their status. If you need to install or uninstall a plugin, you can use the SAP HANA Studio or the SAP HANA cockpit to manage your plugins.

Note: If you can’t see the “Plugins” option in the navigation panel, it means you don’t have the necessary privileges to access the plugins. Contact your SAP HANA administrator for assistance.

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