How to monitor background jobs in sap

If you execute critical jobs that are important for your business processes or for operating the system, you have to know if jobs are canceled because other processes, activities, or tasks may depend on these jobs. Follow these steps to monitor the background jobs:

  1. Enter Transaction SM37 in the command field and press the (Enter) key (or select the menu option Tools • CCMS • Background Processing • Transaction SM37—Job Overview and Administration).
  2. Make the following settings (see Figure 1):
    ► In Job Name, enter the name of the background job, or use the * wildcard to view all jobs.
    ► Enter the user ID of the creator of the job in User Name, or use the * wildcard to view the jobs of all users.
    ► Under Job Status, activate the checkboxes for Active, Finished, and Canceled to view the jobs with these statuses.
    ► Restrict the evaluation period by defining a start date in From and an end date in To in the Job Start Condition section.
    ► Click on Execute.
  3. In the Job Overview, check the job list for canceled or erroneous jobs (see Figure 2). Look for jobs that have the Canceled entry in the Status column.
    Monitor critical jobs in particular, for example, for material planning or pay-
    ments by check (you have to know the name of the job in this case).

Background Processing

Selecting Jobs
Figure 1 Selecting Jobs
Job List
Figure 2 Job List
  1. Double-click on a row to call the basic data of the background job (see Figure 3).
Displaying Basic Data of a Background Job
Figure 3 Displaying Basic Data of a Background Job
  1. Click on the Job Log button to view the log (see Figure 4).
Displaying the Job Log
Figure 4 Displaying the Job Log

Background Processing

  1. Use Back backto return to the Job Overview, and check the runtimes of the jobs in the Duration (sec.) column. If the runtime deviates from the normal run time, this can indicate a problem and should be analyzed. To evaluate the run time, you have to monitor it over a long period of time and compare it to previous runs of this job.
Displaying Additional Columns
The Change Layout button enables you to display additional useful columns in the job overview, for example, the client in which the jobs are executed or the date and time for which the start of the job is scheduled.

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