How to reset SAP* user password?

Reset SAP* user when SAP is running on HANA Database

We are aware of the process to reset SAP* user in other SAP databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase etc.
This Blog contains the information to get the sap* user unlocked when you are running SAP on HANA database.

Step 1. Get the DB schema name. Login to SAP system and then Go to System -> Status

How to reset SAP* user password
System Status

Pick up the schema user and schema name as shown above. Here Schema name and username is SAPABAP1

Step 2. Login to HANA studio with SAPABAP1 as a username

Right click on Database Connection and click on “Open SQL Console”

How to reset SAP* user password

Step 3 : 
Execute Query in SQL console to display user first and then proceed with Update or Delete as needed.

A. Run select query to confirm whether you are on right path or not.
select * from "SAPABAP1"."USR02" where bname = 'SAP*' and mandt ='000'

How to reset SAP* user password

b. Run Update query to Unlock the user by resetting the UFLAG
update USR02 set uflag=0 where mandt='000' and bname='SAP*'

This query will unlock the user SAP* user in client 000
You can do the same for another client or user

Step 4. (Optional) This is for the users who has opted for deletion
Set the value of parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar to 0 and restart the SAP instance.

You will be able to access SAP* through pass as a password.
Feel free to contact for any question and concern.

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