LOCINLOG 606 “Found 1 Components where stack release = source release where KEEP is not allowed”

We are conversing our existing System SAP ECC EHP 7 to SAP S4 HANA 2022, and We have generated the XML file and started the update processing by SUM Tool with DMO. Now we are facing an issue in the “Configuration” phase of SUM for Component LOCINLOG.

First, we have tried with LOCINLOG patch level 3 (it is same as installed in Existing system) but we got the below message that,
In the Configuration Phase “PREP_EXTENSION_IS_SELECT” add-On Selection

message: – Select the add-ons for which you want to change the decision on the target release.
Adon component “LOCINLOG”

Second time, We have tried with LOCINLOG patch level 6 through MAintenance planner. Again we will stuck and got error as below –

In the configuration Phase “PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION” we got the error message that,
“Last error code set:
Found 1 component where stack release = source release where KEEP is not
allowed, see phase log for details.
Please check, if an ACP is missing or if your stack file is invalid.
If you put new packages in the download directory, use option ‘init’ to upload
them” for the Adon Component “LOCINLOG”


I have posted incident on SAP Support. after two days I got the solution.

Solution: –

ACP “LOCINLOG==606” is now created and released to support LOCINLOG 606 on S/4HANA 2022.

You can download the newest ACP file for LOCINLOG 606 (Pat file number: I720020751259_0154700.PAT)?


Or you can download from this link download LOCINLOG 606

After that, extract the ACP file in the EPS inbox(\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in), Then, repeat the SUM phase.

Choose Option Initialize phase PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION to restart it from the beginning.


Now it is worked and pass phase PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION!

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