How to Schedule Graphical Job Monitor in SAP

This blog post will teach you how to schedule the Graphical Job Monitor in SAP to run at regular intervals.

The Job Scheduling Monitor is a graphical tool that supports job scheduling. It displays the individual background jobs in a diagram (see Figure 1). You start the Job Scheduling Monitor as follows:

1. Enter Transaction RZ01 in the command field and press the (Enter) key (or
select the menu option Tools • CCMS • Background Processing • RZ01—Job
Scheduling Monitor).

How to Schedule Graphical Job Monitor
Figure 1 Using the Job Scheduling Monitor for Job Scheduling

2.In the menu, select Time Unit to change the scale.

3.To view a legend in a dialog box, click on the Legend button. The legend displays the colors and patterns used.

4. If you select Timer ON, the system updates the display every three minutes. Due to the graphical formatting of the scheduling data, the monitor is particularly well suited for the coordination of numerous background jobs.

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